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. >>> here's a story that's grabbed the nation's attention. scandal that brought down cia director david petraeus started with harassing e-mails sent by his biographer and mistress to another woman. an official who spoke with the association press said the fbi investigated her e-mails and uncovered the relationship. they were concerned pet yeah's computer had been compromised. cia offices said petraeus resigned because they believe it was the right thing do. >> there was calculus on the director's math to say this will come out some how, some way, some time and i have thousand of employees i hold to one standard. when it does come out they are going to say why isn't the standard the boss was held to? >> house members will meet with the fbi to find out more in the investigation. >>> on this veterans day we are honoring those who risk their lives to protect our liberty. here is a story of two such men. >> one flight there was a big explosion. everybody rushed to the docks and a cruise ship had been torpedoed. >> reporter: herman is a world war ii veteran. he remembers when ships were attac
-mails, and the general's fall from grace. >> the cia sex scandal that forced general petraeus to step down. what does that mean for you and i and e-mails? >> also, people standing by ready to light up, waiting for the smoke to clear on new marijuana laws. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, >>> ,,,, the goal post the sheriff of san francisco back on the job and firing k >>> i'm not exactly sure. i feel like they keep moving the goal posts. >> the sheriff ross mirkarimi is back on the job. we'll have details in a few minutes. >>> can't wait to go to 7-11 and buy a pack of joints. >> coming soon, marijuana realized for recreational use. the challenges making the new law as reality. welcome back to eyewitness news this morning. it's 8:00. it's november 18th. good morning. >> i'm anne makovec. thanks for starting your morning was. we have a lot to talk about the next half hour. the petraeus scandal all came up through e-mail. now secure is e-mail these days. also, the ideals that military top brass are held to that a lot of the rest of the people in the world are not. >> also the politicians are not.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2